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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Protest Against UGC PRC( Prof.Chaddha Commitee)

7-9-2008 The All India Federation of University and College Teachers Organizations (AIFUCTO) will observe 24th of September, 2008 as “PROTEST DAY” protesting against the failure of the VIth UGC PAY REVIEW COMMITTEE(Prof. Chadda Committee) to submit its recommendations to the Central Government on time. Teachers in universities and colleges across the country will hold demonstrations in their respective institutions and attend to their classes wearing protest badges. More than 100 organizations of university and college teachers across the country with a combined membership of more than five lakh University and college level teachers will take part in the protest programme. AIFUCTO President Prof . Thomas Joseph and General Secretary Prof. Asok Barman clarified that the Chadda Committee was mandated to submit its report by 6th of September .The leadership of AIFUCTO have repeatedly voiced the sentiments of teachers that the PRC should submit its report within the time limit.The Committee had given assurance to AIFUCTO that it will do its level best to submit its recommendations on time. The failure of the committee to submit its report even after the implementation of the VIth Pay Review Committee recommendations for the Central Government employees is a matter that deserves serious national concern. The failure to submit the Pay Review Committee Report on time is not a failure of the Committee alone. It is the failure of the UGC and the Central Government as well. The delay in extending the benefits of enhanced salary and service conditions is not merely a matter of grave concern to the teachers, it is a matter of serious concern for the entire nation as well. The XIth Plan perspective clearly states that inclusive development in a knowledge society is premised on making provisions for quality education for all. The project of quality education for all is closely linked up with the project of attracting and retaining talented teachers in public funded higher education institutions. AIFUCTO leaders warned that September 24 would only mark the beginning of their protest. They said that the teaching community will be forced to resort to more drastic actions including going on nation wide strike if the Committee fails to submit its report before 5th October, 2008, one month after the due date for the submission of the report. Thomas Joseph Asok Barman
President General Secretary

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Suman said...

I agree with the injustice done to Asst Professors.Govt should ensure justice, otherwise I request some Teachers’ Assn has to take immidiate step and reject this UGC report. I REQUEST ENTHUSIASTIC FACULTY WHO IS WORKING AS ASST PROFESSOR TO TAKE INTIATIVE AND START NATIOWIDE AWARENESS TO GIVE REPRESENTATION TO GOVT.It is too much now.Teachers are taken for granted. Also in the name of CAS based on INTERVIEW, teachers are being harassed without supporting faculty development programmes by the higher authorities in the colleges. How can a teacher gets himself eligible for CAS conditions without faculty development support from the institutions? THIS MUST BE STRONGLY OPPOSED. gOVT SHOULD GO FOR time-bounded PROMOTIONS RATHER THAN INTERVIEW BASED CAS PROMOTIONS.