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Friday, October 3, 2008

UGC panel recommends hike in pay scale of varsity teachers

New Delhi (PTI): In what could bring cheers to the university teachers, the UGC-Pay Review Committee on Friday recommended a whopping over 70 per cent pay hike with additional allowances and new positions to academics.
The committee, headed by Prof G K Chadha, today submitted its report to the UGC Chairman Prof Sukhadeo Thorat.
As per the recommendations, at the entry level, a faculty member will join as an assistant professor, not as a lecturer as earlier, and his new pay band will be between Rs 15,600 to Rs 39,100. The teacher at the entry level will be entitled for a grade pay of Rs 6,600. At present, a lecturer's pay scale is between Rs 8,000 to Rs 13,500.
For assistant professor, assistant professor (senior scale) and assistant professor (senior grade), the pay band will between Rs 15,600 to Rs 39,100 while the grade pay will vary, Chadha told reporters here.
A teacher will be entitled for annual increment of three per cent of the basic salary with compounding effect. Certain teachers with good performance record can get four per cent annual increment.
Similarly, the committee has recommended a new band pay between Rs 37,400 to Rs 67,000 for professor against the existing scale of Rs 16,400 to Rs 22,400.
"We have recommended more that 70 per cent hike in the scale of pay for various posts. For certain posts, the proposed hike is more than 90 per cent," Chadha said.
The hike would benefit more than five lakh teachers in over 400 universities and over 6,000 colleges in the country.



Thanks Mr. Muktinath Yadav, i heard it from from a local news channel and surprised too. I wanted to conform the news and while searching i could get your message immediately. Thanks for your keen interest in probagating the news to other teachers.
Dr.S.Paramasivan, Ph.D
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of Veterinary Anatomy and Histology,
Veterinary College and Research Institute Namakkal -637 002
Tamil Nadu

Samir Bose said...

Going through the central govt notification on pay fixation on the basis of 6cpc recommendation and comparing it with Chadha committee report, the following discrepancies are easily observable:

1.Central govt officers in the pay scale 12000-375-18000 (S-23) have been placed in PB-3 with a grade pay of 7600, while those in the scale 14300-400-18300 (S-24) have been placed in PB-4 with a grade pay of 8700. UGC pre-revised pay scale for Reader/Lecturer(SG) is 12000-420-18300 which was a running scale obtained from merger of S-23 and S-24, but slightly improved, because of greater increment.
So Chadha committees’ recommendation of placing Readers in PB-3 with a grade pay of 8000 is nothing short of demotion. It is humiliating to say the least; huge financial loss only adds insult to injury.

2.To get some idea of the quantum of financial loss, just consider those Readers getting a basic salary of 18300.

(A) As proposed by PRC: PLACED IN PB-3, with a grade pay 8000

Pay in the pay band = 34040 [18300 (pre-revised basic)*1.86, rounded ]
Grade pay = 8000
Revised Basic Pay = 42040 [pay in the pay band + grade pay]

(B) As fixed by 6cpc for S-24: PLACED IN PB-4, with a grade pay 8700

Pay in the pay band = 43390 [as per S-24 fixation chart, to alleviate bunching]
Grade pay = 8700
Revised Basic Pay = 52090 [pay in the pay band + grade pay]

Difference (B) – (A) in basic pay = 52090 – 42040 =10050, as on 1.1. 2006

Now add two increments of 3% each (compounded) for the next two years, the difference in basic increases to 10662.

10662 + 30% (HRA for X class cities) and 16% (DA ) = 15566, the difference in salary as on 1.9.2008, which will keep on increasing as years go by!!!

3.Nothing has been said about those hapless READERs stagnating at the basic 18300 for the last 5 or 6 years. They will be getting the same salary as teachers possibly 8-9 years junior in service.

yogi said...

What Mr samir Bose is 100 percent true. This UGC pay commission was made for only professors and not for any other category.Those who get promotion legaly or illegaly would be benefitted more. No comprehensive thought has been given to person working as readers and asstt professors. Persons are already staganant at 18300 from last 6-8 years for them UGC pay scales just more piercing to bleeding heart...