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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UGC PRC punished Readers

In the Chadha Committee Report the middle level teachers (Associate Professors) have been punished like middle class is punished in the society.
Honourable HRD minister is requested to consider this fact. The Associate Professor should be placed in PB 4 as per revised CPC. It is crystal clear that the old scale ending with Rs 18300/- would be placed in PB 4 and the increment is even higher i.e. Rs 420/- than other scales which have been considered for PB 4. Chadha commitee downgraded the post of READER! The committee should have recommended higher than CPC for READERS. A READER after 20 years of the service and a newly recruited Assistant Professor would sail in the same boat! On the other hand a newly selected Professor would get as much as 85-90% more salary than an old poor READER and the hike in per se salary is also 85-90%. I do not understand why the committee has recommended this? READERS might have done something wrong in the past with ........?, otherwise sometimes the hometake salary of a READER was more than a Professor during 4th pay commission. Now there would be a deep and wide gap between the salaries of READERS and Professors. READERS are in between a 'Lathi' and 'Bhint (wall)'. I think still natural justice is there. The UGC and HRD are requested to give as per 6th CPC to the READERS, not much is demanded.The age of retirement should not be more than 58 years which would make the country like a shining star on the globe. Every body knows that what an older people can do for the teaching and research.


rokendro nongmaithem said...

What will be the Basic pay for the LECTURERs if READERs are putted in the Pay Band 4 ? I am still in doubt why UGC 6 pay is so delayed.
The starting pay in the PB 4 is Rs 46100, and as per Chadha committee lecturer basic pay is Rs. 22200 and the expected gross pay is below Rs.40000,
If Readers are given pay in the PB4 there will be a huge gap/differentiation between the Readers and Lecturers. The Basic minimum pay of Readers will be much more than the Gross pay of the Lecturers. This will create a big injustice towards the Lecturers. The present gross pay of Lecturers are more than the basic pay of readers. There is not much difference between the pay structure of the two. Thanks.

nimmi said...

What will be the basic pay for reader with 12 years of experience. Worked 5 years as lecturer, 5 years as lecturer(SS)and completed Ph.D while lecturer(ss) and present position is reader. Please clarify. Thank You