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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chaddha Report in the court of election commission

Teacher are disappointed & worried at the gross injustice meted out to them as they feel that the govt. has let down them by denying 6th pay recommendations. Teachers union like AIFUCTO, FEDCUTA, DUTA have kept unprecidented silence over the whole issue. It was expected that after the teachers march to the Parliament HRD ministry will respond positively. But it has not come with single statement to clarify the stand. A source has revealed that the recommendation is ready but awaiting Election Commission's nod before implementation. However, regarding proposal mooted by the government to implement 6th pay commission in Jammu and Kashmir CEC said "let them send proposal to us we will see to it and decide." We do not know for sure if the govt. has really send the report to the commission ?

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