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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Time Pass

Dimapur, November 28 (MExN): Even while under probe for alleged mismanagement and discrepancies, a total gross amount of more than Rs 9 lakhs have been withdrawn by the three top officials of Nagaland University, the Vice Chancellor, the Registrar and the Controller of Examinations. Each of the officials drew a substantial amount of money, against the 6th Pay Commission arrears for university teachers. The 6th pay commission arrears have yet to be finalized. Leaders of the central executive council of the Nagaland University Teachers’ Association told this daily that the ‘withdrawal’ is plain illegal. The reasons are that, the NUTA leaders informed, apart from the said three NU officials being already under scrutiny by the Ministry of Human Resource Development, the 6th pay commission arrears for teachers (for which the ‘withdrawal’ was made against) have not even been finalized leave alone sanctioned by the ministry. The alleged withdrawing by the under-investigation NU officials come to light just recently, a NUTA leader informed. This new report has been dispatched to the Visitor of Nagaland University, Pratibha Patil, the President of India while bank statements have been received, the NUTA leaders informed this newspaper. It is alleged that Vice Chancellor drew an amount of Rs.4,56,794 (Four Lakhs fifty-six thousand seven-hundred and ninety-four) Registrar drew an amount of Rs.3,39,818 (Three Lakh thirty-nine thousand, eight-hundred and eighteen) while, Controller of Examination drew an amount of Rs.1,77,908 (One Lakh seventy-seven thousand nine-hundred and eight). “The 6th pay commission scale for teachers have not even been finalized and so the withdrawal is illegal,” a NUTA leader said. The teacher also informed that bank statements have been made while this discrepancy has been dispatched to the Ministry of Human Resource Development today itself. Also, in a separate letter addressed to the Visitor of Nagaland University, the President of India, the CEC of the NUTA has sought immediate intervention. The Nagaland University Teachers’ Association demanded action for the illegal ‘drawal’ of the 6th Pay arrears by the NU top officials, before any clearance and directive by the Ministry of Human Resource Development to universities, for this category of officers. This is a serious violation of the university financial rules, the NUTA said. The NUTA expressed strong condemnation for the blatant illegal act, amounting to theft and stealing from the public exchequer of university funds, committed by the three officials. The university teachers’ organization has questioned the action and approval of the Vice Chancellor and Registrar, who are presently holding chairs of Finance officers. Further, the NUTA said, the illegal ‘drawal’ of the 6th pay arrears by these three university officers is highly questionable, as they are all under the ‘Visitorial’ scanner for serious irregularities and the NUTA is awaiting action for the same.In the light of these developments, the NUTA has demanded immediate refund of the university funds from the VC, the Registrar and the Controller of Examination as well as an immediate inquiry and action on this serious violation of financial rules.

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